Our Mission

Welcome to our informative page for My Place Wellness Center! Here you can learn of our philosophies and practices, and curate your first impression of our lovely facility. This page will go into detail about the values we hold close to ourselves, and what services we are all about. We hope we can entice you to a much deserved visit to our facility.

Here at My Place, we are completely devoted to serving you to the best of our abilities. Feel free to ask anything of us, and we will see it through. You deserve time off, so we will carry that load for you and assure the upmost comfort during your time in our luxury facility. With an open mind and much synergy, we will complete your treatment quickly and thoroughly.

We want you to feel refreshed and restored on your journey to wellness. By continually upgrading our facility and our knowledge, we provide a deluxe detox and relaxation experience. From our floating service to our facials, you will find something that fits you! It is generally agreed upon that weekly or even daily wellness treatments can improve quality of life tenfold, or more!

We hope we’ve been able to interest you in a session of any treatment type here at My Place. Our doors are always open, and our devoted staff are well equipped to assist with burdens of any level. Please consider booking a session on the sidebar to the right. Much love!


About our Attending Physician

Dr. Robert Feingold M.D


DEA #FF8329977
LIC #7916