You feel lighter.

You feel like more oxygen is in your body.

You feel more vibrant.

It’s because you’ve calmed the tension.

It’s incredible, man.

-Joe Rogan

Why Float

It's Beneficial

Salt float therapy can address many physical, mental, and emotional needs in a very comfortable environment. It also allows for a distraction free gift of alone time and self reflection.

Relax, Repair, Restore.


Float therapy helps you relax, repair, restore, reflect, and rejuvenate in an environment that the mind and body has never experienced before.

Unique and Natural

Peace and Relaxation

Our salt float therapy packages offer unique and natural environment to help you obtain peace and relaxation on your own level. Float therapy is an improtant, if not fundemental staple of a balanced and healthy life.

How sensory deprivation and floating impacts the brain

CBS News This Morning’s series Pay Attention looks at how to retrain our focus and recapture our attention under the bombardment of technology and information that distracts us. “CBS This Morning” co-host John Dickerson explores if sensory deprivation can short-circuit the noise.


CBS This Morning - YouTube John Dickerson | Miller Center

Salt Floats

Float It All Away

60 Minute Float



90 Minute Float